Farewell + behind the scenes video

Now it's time for me to say goodbye as Nadi's assistant. Running with reflector and being in a set as assistant was great and taught me alot about photography more than any courses or books. Always to keep strong grip when holding anything and tight bootlaces till the gig is done -- and always remember to bring own food if it's needed and eat it when it's needed. And things I learned weren't all about photography way to be and react and communicate. What it is to have strong working morale and clear focus both in camera and in mind. This has been very interesting and inspiring and fun. Before this, I thought that I didn't know anything about fashion, now I know that I don't know, but interesting anyway. 

Till next time, friend.

- Lil K

// PS. Last but not least, I shot and edited a behind the scenes video from the last gig.
          Here is link to it: Behind the Camera

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